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“I have been so pleased with not only the software but the service Michael has provided.

His level of understanding and savvy technical ability has allowed me to feel confident about one of the most important aspects of my business, sales!

Not only is the site comprehensive, but it seems as though it is custom built for my business needs. I have been able to implement this software into my existing system with ease and the precision of the program has allowed me to monitor orders from sales agents as they occur.

I feel I cannot speak highly enough about this site, it’s brilliant!”

Narina Janian
Marketing & Financial Director
Melinda & Narina

zsaThe Wichlabel solution is offered as an alternative to the use of Excel or other laborious methods for recording product range and order information. The site allows for timely and accurate sales information and immediate reflections of changes in the data.

The Wichlabel solution is software offered to customers as a service on the internet. As the software runs on a web site on the Internet, your organization will enjoy the benefits it offers both in the office and remotely.

The software is targeted for use in a business-to-business environment. The audience for this software is the fashion house, its agents and retail network. The software is not for business-to-consumer activity - it is not an online store. However, you can capitalize on this software as you can export the product data for upload to your online store.


The administration of the site is designed with you in mind. It is laid out in a logical sequence in terms you understand. The site lets you see what’s happening with your current range, your last range or your next range – right now!

The site integrates seamlessly with MYOB, facilitating the import of item codes and sales orders. Saving you hours of work - with the added benefit of improved data integrity. This site can be easily integrated with your existing online store or we can develop an online store for you - fully integrated with this system.


Multiple users
There are three user types: administrators, agents and retailers. Administrators have access to reporting, catalogue, range and order management. Agents can sign in to place orders for their retail customers. Agents can also lookup order and product status and access your look book. You have the option to allow retailers to sign in to place orders for themselves.


Being a web site on the Internet, the software can be used anywhere that Internet access is available. This means that you have an immediate picture of the sales campaign status. You can see what's selling and what's not right now - rather than in a few weeks’ time when the Excel files are returned to you.

Ease of use
The software has been developed for the fashion industry - it is not an off the shelf package that has been massaged to fit your requirement. As such, the terms used in the software are your terms. The flow of data is what you would expect and what you would be used to.

The software facilitates multiple brands, catalogue categories, ranges, and product options, status codes, etc. You decide on what structure you want, like you can in Excel. However, unlike Excel, you will not be inconvenienced by accidental deletion of rows, columns, or formulas.

The software allows you to update the data at any time. The updates for new products, pricing or availability are visible to the agent and retailers immediately. You don't need to redistribute Excel files and run the risk of the wrong file being used.

A setup and training fee is charged on commissioning of the site for your organization. A licensing, hosting and support fee is charged for continued use of the software. These fees can be paid either monthly or quarterly to suit your cash flow restrictions.

If you would like to get in touch about Wichlabel please do so:
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Barbara Gouskos
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